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The story of Janis

Past. Present. Future.

Janis was formed in 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden, originally by Anneli Beronius Haake (previous member of Music by Em) and Elin Jonuks. Titte Carlsson (Altafuse Collective, Titte Carlsson & The Last Band Standing) joined the band in late 2000, and Anneli and Titte have since been the main songwriters. Other band members in 2000-2002 were David Wickström (guitar), Pär Svensson (bass), Martin Håkansson (keyboard, vocals), and Patrik Wiksten (drums). Musically inspired by many different genres, Janis is rooted in alt country, pop, 90’s indie and a touch of electronica.


Janis released their dreamy, 90’s-influenced guitar-pop debut-EP in 2001, 'Sunday city chic' and in 2002 the song 'Stay tuned' was released. After this, a 15-year hiatus followed. During this time, Titte wrote and performed music in the Gothenburg area, while Anneli moved to the UK, appeared on a dance/house project (Hot Toddy, Mindtrip) and completed a PhD in music psychology. In 2017, Titte began writing music again from Anneli’s lyrics and since then, songs and ideas have been flowing between Brighton and Gothenburg.


The song 'Hometown' was remixed by Andreen (Erik Skåpdal from Sunset Brothers) and released in May 2020. In August 2020, the 80's electronica-inspired song 'Lighthouse' was released, which has inspired numerous collaborations with other musicians and DJ's in both Sweden and the UK, all creating their imagined version of this song. Later the same year, the alt country song 'Where Did It Go' was released, and in 2021, Janis' own version of 'Hometown' came out, along with 'Happy As I Am' and 'Standing Tall'. These songs have all been co-produced, mixed and mastered by Martin Håkansson (from The Small Crowd). 

Many more songs, remixes and re-productions are now in the making. During the summer and autumn 2021, remixes by folk musician, violinist and singer Mike Simmonds (from Alice Russell, Quantic Soul Orchestra and more), psychedelic rock producer and musician Dom Keen (from Holy Magick and previously also Death in Vegas and The Lodge), singer-song writer Butterheart (Siobhan Lynch from Holy Magick,  Super Creature and more), DJ and producer André Bonsor (from Schmoov!), Ross Warm (DJ, producer, multi-media artist and one half of Super Creature), Malto Dextrin (Ben Varnes from Hanya), Andreen (Erik Skåpdal from Sunset Brothers), and Dog Ham It, are being released.

It turns out that the Janis project is about letting life happen, taking part in inspiring collaborations and, above all, always giving birth to songs that want to be created.


Who cares if a few years happen to pass by in between?

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