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The pandemic year of 2020 was the year that really swung the Janis factory back into action. And one of the songs that very much surged into existence was Lighthouse. It began its journey in Anneli’s home in Brighton, one weekend during lockdown where restrictions only allowed one daily exercise walk outside per day, and it was illegal to hang out indoors with other households.


The song then made its way to Titte in Gothenburg, and was given a chorus and harmonies. Later, Martin in Stockholm was invited for further development, and later mixing and mastering.


Lighthouse was completed, but its journey hadn’t ended. It has visited several musicians in both UK and Sweden, where it has given rise to new creations and interpretations.


Eventually, it found its way all the way up to the small village of Nordingrå in northern Sverige, where it met the creator, artist and film maker Jenny Vinterqvist.


First came some colours, then the figures (the ‘boofers’). A music video was in the making. And here is the beautiful result.


As the pandemic restricted our lives, framed it, both a song and a music video were born, through an exclusively online work process. Without having spent any time together, face to face, the ideas popped up, developed and flourished.


Restrictions are just something that defines a first creative room where a seed can grow, a thought can sprout, and the flow can begin. Then it’s just a matter of time until it starts seeping through small holes in the walls.

Happy As I Am


Standing Tall

Where Did It Go

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